četrtek, 15. november 2007

Top Gear

by skinnydiver

You can see Jeremy Clarkson's pickup truck here... If you do not know him, just watch an episode of Top Gear. It's a BBC show in which Clarkson, Hammond and May, test and evaluate cars. They also prepare interesting races and challenges, some of which do not end as expected. In the show, where this car was used, they had to as a challengecustomise cars, in which they had to cross the channel between UK and France. And guess what? Jeremy was the only one who made across in his Toyota pickup truck.

petek, 09. november 2007


Photography. What is this? Somebody would say that it is nothing more than to point and click, to save some photos on nephew’s birthday. The other one would take some pictures just to remember his trip to Sahara desert… Well, all this is true but in my opinion photography is so much more… It’s basically an art, pretty unique one I might add. Everybody knows how to press a trigger, but not everybody can create a photograph.

For the past year photography is my hobby. But how did it all begin? Well, in my childhood I torn apart almost every toy I had received. But I didn’t do it because of some stupid anger or hate towards it, I simply did it out of curiosity of how it is build. I was dying to see what this toy is made of on the inside. Well, this eagerness to dismantle all toys was gradually reduced. That doesn’t mean I’ve lost interest in technical stuff, but instead of tearing down devices, I’ve rather checked their components online or in the manuals. There I found this beautiful macro photos. In that time I began to feel what photographing is all about. But it took a while before having an opportunity to take some photos by myself. And this opportunity has been brought to me with my father’s digital camera. I really enjoy taking pictures. At present I use digital camera Cannon S2, but soon I’m getting myself a new, better one. Creating good photos is definitely not easy, but it is worth trying… because you know the saying: A picture tells a thousand words.

sreda, 24. oktober 2007

My first Internet contact

Internet. This is the word that didn't even exist till the early 1980's. It's predecessor was ARPANET (Advanced Research Projects Agency Network), which was created by the U.S. government. In a few years time it split into ARPANET and Milnet - the connection between these two networks was called the DARPA Internet or the Internet. Well, there is a question... What is so fascinating about it? In my opinion it's a fast developing community which nowadays virtually everyone has access to. Whatever you want to know, it's all there. On the Internet. Just waiting to be discovered...

I don't really remember when I started using the Internet, but it was definitely in the previous century...maybe in year 1998. Around that time my parents bought - believe it or not - our second computer(first one was running on DOS and it was called 286), which was, if I remember correctly, Pentium 133. With this computer I discovered the Internet. It was something new and exciting. I felt like a boy who got a birthday present. But that joy quickly faded away... I think that's because I didn't know what to do with it... The Internet, so vast almost infinite, but still it is not much without the users. Back then, for example, e-mail, messenger, search engines and blogs didn't exist or I didn't know about them. So, what was I to do on the Internet? The answer is nothing... I rather spent the time with my friends outdoors. Consequently, I abandoned this newly discovered wonder.

After a few years, when I was forced to do a research for a school paper, I once again started using the Internet. Only then I saw its real potential. Since that day my online activities have been increasing... Therefore, I can conclude that the Internet has become indispensable to me. Reading emails, chatting on messenger and surfing are one of the many things that I do daily, without realising how much time I spend doing it. So, I'm a little bit of an Internet addict...But then, it's nothing wrong to be one, if only you can keep it under control.

torek, 16. oktober 2007

Something about me...

I'm an ordinary guy, 23 years old, who does not yet know what to do with his life :)hehe...just kidding...almost... I have a slight idea what I want to become...probably something to do with technical innovations. Well, I am still working on details. I love sport, especially running, which became a kind of obsession to me... Constantly trying to improve myself is my everyday goal... So, don't be afraid and try something new!